Late last year, and thanks to your support, we raised the first instance of The Empanada Fund (fund v0.0.1). Initially, the plan was to deploy this money to sponsor software conferences in Latin America and provide scholarships to US/CA based folks of Latin-American descent.

Saying the world has changed since we raised the fund is an understatement. The plan to give out grants for in-person conferences may now cause more harm than good in the region. After waiting some time, it's become necessary to change how these funds are put to work towards building software communities in Latin America before the year ends.

We have published a Call For Proposals for community leaders based in Latin America to request grants from The Empanada Fund.

These grants will ideally:

When the CFP closes, the selected projects will be informed directly, and once confirmed, we will share an update with the total chosen projects and some examples of what they attempt to achieve. From there we'll distribute the funds, which will be the most challenging aspect due to lack of financial infrastructure or access to it. Projects that choose to make their selection public will be able to do so directly, but we will not be sharing a list of these until a year after the selection alongside an impact report.

Please share the CFP announcement so we can reach as many community leaders as possible. We hope you and your families are staying safe, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.



<aside> 👉 PS: Early this year, our fiscal sponsor ran into some challenges. Buriticá took control of the funds and also asked them to shut down the Donor Box they set up on our behalf. Recurring donations should've stopped, but please make sure this is the case on your end since we have no way of stopping those ourselves.